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  • Is it Lonely or is it Blessed?

    I’ve been thinking about the aloneness I’ve experienced this month being in isolation for the whole month of December, a month that is usually full of gathering and parties and general merriment. I have suffered from many tortured, nonsensical thoughts of what I did to deserve this, and then followed closely on its heels is a question of “maybe I might prefer this... maybe I should put my heart…

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  • On Raising Kids

    I hope that they feel deeply connected to nature; that they belong on this earth, they belong in this family, they belong in their body. I hope they feel safe to explore all the tiny, loud, scary, fragile bits of their insides that God created. I hope they know that they matter, truly; their thoughts matter, their feelings matter, and so do those of the person next to them, and the person on the…

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