The Covid Comes Around

Best read while listing to The Man Comes Around.

I told some people this week that my wife was pretty sick and in no time our community was bringing us meals and offered to do literally everything that we would possibly need to leave the house for. We're getting care packages left on our doorstep every day. We are so moved by the generosity and love shown to us.

We found out yesterday that Liv has COVID. It's scary, our kids are also sick and there's just so much uncertainty. And we were so careful!

But despite all of that, I feel so cared for and like my people have my back, like we belong. There are people here to care for me and my family when I can't do it all.

If that isn't a great picture of what a Church's response to COVID should be, then I don't know what is. I know that it most certainly is not complaining about persecution, it's not civil disobedience as a badge of honor, it's not stoking more angst, and it's not claiming that mask wearing is a threat to our alleged "god-given liberty."

I think what it does look like is calmly, steadfastly, and without fear continuing the work of loving people, even in the face of a pandemic.

We are so thankful for our community. There just aren't words to express how grateful I am for these people.