Where to put the nuts

Last night Adam woke me up with a deep sigh. This sigh, mind you, was not just a casual exhalation of breath but rather one of those completely loaded with frustration. Immediately I asked him if he was OK. He was very slow to respond at which point it crossed my mind this fellow was still asleep.

Me: "Adam? Are you alright?"
Adam: ... (Each ... equates about a 10 second pause)
Me: "Adam?"
Adam: ... "Yeah, I'm just looking for something."
Me: "What are you looking for?"
Adam: ... "Umm." (At this juncture I noticed he was patting around his pillow and around the side of the bed.)
Me: "Adam, What are you looking for?"
Adam: ... "Uhhh... I was trying to... I was trying to... Grind some nuts... And I can't figure out what to put them in."

You can imagine, I'm sure, the amount of laughter that ensued from my side of the bed. Our sleeping brains are such strange places.