Silence is Golden, and Creepy

There are certain movements in melodies and voices that will bring tears to my eyes. I’ve never quite figured out what it is exactly—it seems that it normally happens the first few times of hearing it, sometimes just the first, when the passion and earnestness catches me a bit off guard. It’s a bit like looking into someone’s eyes; sometimes I can look into someone’s eyes and see so very much of their soul that it overwhelms me, it’s a deep communication that is so unexpected because no words are spoken, but very real all the same, sometimes so much more than words could ever portray. I love those little pockets of existence that mean so much to me and can connect me to people I don’t know, may never know, or would have never known like that, but there was a moment where we were perfectly aligned and felt the same thing together. That's significant.

Communication is mostly talked about as being words—and I would readily agree—but living my life around quiet, internal people has taught me much about how many forms of communication there are and how I must be ready for all of them if I want to truly know people (and learning to harness all the things that I’m communicating without knowing it). I’ve become rather fascinated with learning how to read people through intuition and watchfulness, it can only go so far because it’s one-sided, I must extend myself yet. And somehow learn to watch with an air of empathy and not the sinister, hooded figure, otherwise I’m in danger of becoming a creeper. No one wants that. But seriously, people aren’t huge fans of being watched, it’s useful to me but not really insofar as becoming someone’s friend, just in knowing how to go about meeting them where they are, listening to their silent communications. Of course, most observations change from an idea to a characteristic only as I learn one’s motives, and where they have come from.

For the record, I do know how awkward it can be to be the Watched and not the Watcher; you have all the power as the Watcher because you catch people off their guards and hold all the cards then. As the Watched, I feel rather vulnerable, so I get it. When we met, Adam was the King of Watchers, no lie. I had no idea what to do with this silent, quite-interested-looking fellow. Later I found out he was in love with me, so you know, then of course I knew what to do… Marry him. You can only do that once though, after that the Watchers have to be kept at bay.