Adam and I are in the process of redesigning our blog, and so we have been for a couple of years, this is our sad, sad placeholder. Somehow we always end up extending ourselves in other areas and this blog has the design ethic of a wayward soul. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Every time we sit down to design we have great ideas and they never amount to anything but sketches and pieces saved in our document folders. Adam’s such a pro, you know? And I just dabble in all these random tidbits, he needs a designer to work with. At times I think I will really delve into it and learn the tools, but it’s all rather intimidating because details bore me. Certain details at least. I’m going to have to master the details in order to become really very good at anything. One of our friends dubbed me a ‘professional hobbyist’ once, and I liked that, I’ll take that. Although, I’d also like to become really great at my hobbies too, there are just so many activities and arts that interest me, I move along pretty quickly. Thus, becoming a dabbler. I think being a keeper of a house encourages many different facets of life, when I was young and had no responsibilities except to be a musician I had two or three activities I could focus on in a day and now I move about and I want to be a good baker and cook, I need to figure out how to clean efficiently and make good products. Keep tabs on all my foods and make sure nothing gets moldy or freezer burnt. I need to stay fit and active. I want to knit, paint, play music, sew, write, imagine and it’s a lot to get good at! Maybe in 10 years or so. And definitely not during the Olympics.