Don't Kid Yourself

We’re all searching for something deeper and more beautiful than what we’ve found. I think it’s really easy to look at people who seemingly have what we are striving for and think that they’ve arrived. With envy in our thirsty hearts we trick ourselves into believing that if we could just be in their situation we’d be quite satisfied, we even think that they are satisfied. The cold, hard truth is that you have achieved much in life that you used to long for, and yet you are still thirsty. We are all on a quest to find eternity, a beauty that lasts forever, a drink to quench our souls, a love that is faithful; let’s stop kidding ourselves that something temporal, or earthly, or fleshly is going to settle our hearts. There are beautiful things here to be sure, and we should seek them out, but they are mere mirrors pointing us to something more. They were never meant to satisfy, they were meant to stir up in us a longing for God. Let’s see them for what they are, and each other for who we truly are: co-adventurers on our parallel journeys.