The Saga Continues...

Last night was our first night sleeping at home after several nights away in various places. This month is what I like to call ‘Let’s take all our summer trips within 3 weeks!’ month. So we’re not really being at home very much. It’s like I’m in a traveling band or something. Gosh! Who do people think I am?! Actually, the people are Adam and me and we know me, so no worries.

We had a weird conversation in the night, again, you know, sort of as a welcome home to ourselves. I woke up from a dream where I saw a spider sitting in a web on my pillow, it was quite a seamless transition into wakefulness because my dream was exactly like my waking sights (except I don’t think there actually was a spider; if there was, however, we spent the night cuddled up together). Also, you might want to know we have a brown recluse issue in our bedroom, thus I’m having many spider dreams as of late, and these are also seamless transitions into real life because we actually have a problem with them. So I wake up in the night thinking there’s a spider on my pillow and wake Adam asking him if he’ll deal with this. He responds reasonably with ‘It depends on how much control you want to have over it’. I was quite awake by this time and said ‘Why did you say that?’ And he said ‘Why did I say that?’ and began to explain to me that he thought we were talking about whether or not I wanted to have my hair curly or straight. I told him I thought we were both probably dreaming and we went promptly back to sleep.

There’s really no reason why we should have so many nightly conversations. We’re both rather practical people, and no one would ever guess that we’re so social in our sleep, (because we’re just a minimum-medium amount of social in our wakefulness).

However, it’s an endless source of entertainment for us in the morning. Keep ‘em coming, right? That’s what I’m thinking.