Gee Golly!

I always thought my parents were so crazy for waking up at 6 am because they ‘just couldn’t sleep anymore’, and look at me now: almost 2 years into marriage and I’m already having trouble sleeping, I don’t even have any kids to think about! Nothing was really bothering me I just slept like a bat last night. A bat at night. Adam always teases me in the morning after I sleep like that because, allegedly, I don’t toss and turn like normal people toss and turn, I ‘angry toss and turn’. You may use your own imaginations to conjure what that looks like. Poor fellow, I really do feel sorry for him.

We’re officially moving into a home, a real home, on Saturday. I’m so beyond excited. Apartment living has it’s ups and downs, the ups are… Um, I’ll think of something later, and the downs are, you have college people who think life’s a circus stomping all over your ceilings during the night and the day, so pretty much all the time. I can’t for the life of me figure out when they actually sleep. I think they tag-team it. ‘Come on guys! Can’t stand for a moment of silence!’ Something like that. We’re so psyched about the house, it has a fireplace and a garage and shutters and grass!

I’m currently thinking on how to pack up the remainders of the kitchen. It’s such a hard thing to pack because almost everything is breakable, heavy and has attitude. I just imagine all the people coming over and complaining about the heavy boxes they have to be careful with, they’re gonna be so mad.

Everything has attitude.