The Situation with the Flour

Fact: When I bake bread I get flour all over the kitchen. It’s usually not an issue because I just clean it up after, but there are those rare nights when I just can’t stand to clean the kitchen one more time, so I go to bed. In the morning, however, when I walk into the kitchen I think ''What in the world happened in here to get so much flour all over the kitchen?!''  Which is, ironically, the exact thing Adam thinks when he walks in on me baking bread.

But… This is the way I see it: I’m a pretty darn good baker and being such people can tease me about how uncontainable flour is in my hands (as if some people can control the powdery whimsy of flour) and I’ll just take it because they are looking for the next opportunity to shove what I just baked into their faces. You see? It’s kind of like when people are geniuses and everyone says ‘Wow, they move around in such a weird way’ or ‘It is so hard to understand anything that comes out of their mouth’ it’s totally OK because, I mean, they’re geniuses. Who freakin’ cares if they have conversational issues?

I know it might sound like I’m claiming I’m a baking genius. I’m not, but… It does look like that, doesn’t it?