I read a book in one day yesterday, and after having spent three months in my last book it seemed like I had become an exceptionally good reader overnight. It was one of those high-minded feelings like you get when you’re a kid and you’re watching the Olympics and you think, (because you probably have a rare and beautiful talent), ''Yeah, I''ll probably be in the Olympics someday''  but of course you don’t, barely anyone does that! The truth of the matter is, the book I read yesterday was much easier reading and not near as involved as the previous one, that’s why it went so swiftly. My mind, however, has gotten used to the exorbitant involvement and I keep thinking about the people in this last book and wondering what happens with them, and then I remember that it’s been concluded and there’s nothing more to be had and I must move on. That often happens with people too, and that’s when life starts getting tricky.

Speaking of the Olympics, aren’t they great?

I’ve got a brother in London. I know you’re thinking he’s participating in the Olympics, but he’s not. If there were Olympics for being a dobro player, he’d definitely be there, kicking butt and taking names. Another brother with his wife in the hospital having a baby. A sister in Maine going to weddings. And another brother on vacation close by. Look at us go!

If you do want to watch us go though, you’ll have to have a global sky-view. Yeah, it’s come to that.