The Seriously Ridiculous

When I think back on the past week I think 'My, what a time it has been'.

I really couldn’t put into words all that has transpired, for the sole reason that some of it is personal business; I say to myself 'Could the general public know this? Certainly they could… But should they?' When I realize the answer is a resounding 'No' I put up the privacy walls. Much like the walls of towels your friends would hold up for you in a parking lot or on the beach when you needed to change your clothes, because, just like the towel walls, much of it was done in public, if you'd been there, you could've seen it happen, however to bring it back out into public would just be very bad taste. I'm sure you know of which I speak, and if you don't… Then that's the point entirely.

I will say the events were including but not limited to the following: relational tremors, work stress, bodily affliction, poison ivy, and the fact our car was wrecked. None of those things are things you necessarily want to have happen but then when they happen within the bounds of one day (and then continue to hound you) it ends up being seriously ridiculous.

I have often come to an understanding that the Seriously Ridiculous is a very humbling, enraging -and yet, quieting- experience that leads me to come to God with the question of 'Why?' which then leads me to come to myself with the question of 'Why?'. I have done much thinking and praying and God has done much calming of my spirits, time and again, for I do tend to be rather spirited. It is true, as many of the apostles spoke, that tribulations do teach us much of the endurance and character of God and that He has set that endurance and character inside of us with His Spirit. How could we know that without the trial? I don't think we could.