Plan To Be Generous

There are many perks to being married to a good man. Some of you may know of which I speak. I have been blessed in such a way and in so doing, have been able to learn many things from him which I may or may not have learned on my own (the may not does not matter, really, because God knew I could learn these things through Adam and saw fit to incorporate him).

One of these jewel lessons has been generosity. I am a naturally frugal person, I like to save money and resources and be constantly aware of how much money is going in and out, this is a good thing, I think it is also a gift, however it has often made generosity a challenge for me, because I have difficulty spending money.

Adam and I have recently completed our first year of marriage and have set in place certain habits in our lifestyle. One of which has been planning to be generous with those loved ones around us. It’s part of our budget to be generous. It’s been a tremendous blessing in my life to experience the gift of gifting generously to people, and I’m so thankful God has gifted me with a husband with a generous heart and a wise head.

Plan to be generous. Do it. And see how God happens to bless your soul.