Yesterday was rather eventful.

In the early morning Adam had to have his blood drawn for insurance, something which he dreaded vehemently, also something which nearly made him faint. The poor fellow had been sick for a week and then they make you starve for a full 4 hours beforehand which is a lot to ask of a guy like Adam, he nearly lost his bearings, yet he prevailed in the end.

Then we had to go to the DMV to get Adam his Missouri driver’s license. If you know Adam you know that government and medical are his least favorite categories out of all the categories.

He made it.

Yesterday afternoon was my first day working as a barista at the Hub, a local coffee & bicycle shop in Springfield. It went really well, the worst thing I did was overfill the kettle with boiling water twice causing it to run all over the counter. Both times were the worst, (I don’t know how you could compare either one to be worser). However, I was forgiven and we moved on. If you’re in town and you want a great tasting cappuccino… I know a guy… also a girl. Either one.

We also tried to sign the papers for our new apartment we’re moving into on Saturday just to make the day even more eventful, however, they closed the office early and we missed it. It’s alright though, we should probably spread out the significant incidents.