I keep waking up in the midst of the night and can’t go back to sleep. I naturally have a very active brain but it never bothers me so much as at night. I cannot make it stop. I have to drown it out with something mundane that I don’t care about and then I’ll fall to sleep. It might sound like I’m one of those genius people that is so productive of mind that I fight insomnia and lose and then I go on to amaze the race of man with my flair for intelligence, but this is not so. Mainly the only thing that happens is that I start writing in my mind. I don’t actually write in actuality, which would probably help things, so it all just swirls indefinitely through my head until I’m so angry that sleep wouldn’t even think of entering the situation. It would be far too frightened. This all leads me to sleeping later than I wanted because I missed out on those beautiful dark hours when rest seemed fitting and I’m left at something of a loss. This morning I fried us some over-medium eggs (it’s an art) and brewed myself some chamomile and rose petal tea which is meant to calm my mind and perhaps, in this outlet put it to some rest.

I have intended to write more often, however, with the holidays and our normality off-kilter my intentions have fallen into disarray, perhaps the cause of the resulting and reoccuring sleeplessness. (Which I just typed as sleepinessless, but my computer’s built-in perfect grammar wouldn’t allow that to happen. Those blindingly red lines underneath ‘misspelled’ words really do bother me, it’s all I can do.)

Adam and I really enjoyed ourselves during the holidays. It was so lovely for him to have a break and for me to get to have a break from having a break of him. Also, we have pretty and humorous and lovely family (and friends who act as family) that we got to spend our days with; exploring our similar tastes in volleyball, ping pong, frisbee golf, (Yes, what is life except a competition?), Hans Zimmer’s recent brilliance of ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ soundtrack, well-made food, and sleep. All the family under one roof again. Then for New Year’s Emmett won a competition with Colin Elmore and we were able to see their happy faces shortly thereafter (we celebrated with some more frisbee golf, because… well, I already told you.) and then Emmett, Adam and I spent a quiet first of January watching the entirety of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition. Yes, it took all day.

Today marks the start of a more laborious and predictable couple of weeks again. Though we have some plans up our sleeves. Don’t suspect us of predictability, all I said was more predictable. Geez…