Before honor comes humility

I love quotes. I have a large collection of quotes that I started gathering when I was in high school reading literature. We had awesome literature books in school.

I search somewhat subconsciously for and think occasionally on things that I feel are foundations for living; things I want written on my walls, or less literally, at least on the walls of my mind, things I will think about daily and build my life upon; things I will teach to my children. The older I get the more serious the task of raising children is to me and I’ve begun to really study parents around me and Adam and I discuss occasionally parenthood and all that it entails. I’m sure that our ideas will change and grow because we’re completely inexperienced, but it’s an interesting thing to ponder. Adam and I both had great parents but our experiences of childhood are quite different from each other because our natures are so different and our lifestyles were very different, facets which always make for the best conversations.

I’ve been reading Proverbs lately, it’s crammed with interesting parallels and poetry. I noticed recently something I haven’t before, of how personally written it is. There are a couple of chapters at the beginning that he wrote to his sons, and it caught my attention to what a treasure that is, that he would encourage his sons towards wisdom and that he would give them his. I think wisdom is often something we forget to search for, we think it’s unattainable, or just a gift to certain people but it is something that God (as our father) has promised to give to those who ask for it. Pretty awesome.

‘Before honor comes humility.’

I read this today, and it snagged me. It is something I want written on my walls, literally and figuratively. I think one of the hardest things to learn as a child (and an adult) is that you must start with humility, you cannot lead without humility. I’ve always found much more respect within me for leaders who are humble. My father is a very humble man, I feel such a great love for men who are humble, I almost feel the need to protect their leadership role, because I’ve seen them overtaken by the proud. It’s a beautiful trait to see in a man. It’s a lot of what attracts me to Adam.

It’s a difficult thing to learn, our flesh so wants honor. I feel like that was my greatest struggle growing up, wanting to be heard, to be something of an influence at all, and not being listened to. Before honor comes humility.

I’m not very humble, in fact, I have many of the traits that are designated as wicked traits in Proverbs, such as a quick-temper and tongue, but we are all wicked in flesh and I’d imagine everyone feels that way when reading Proverbs.  I’ve been very blessed with humble and servant hearted leaders in my life. As a wife I am learning so much from Adam about generosity and serving and because of his humble spirit I often have to fight to give him his leadership. It is so beautiful how God has designed us and brought us together to be able to learn from each other and be able to sharpen one another.

We have some dear friends named Savannah and Dusty Moon, they are part of a lovely and darn talented family in Cali, and they spent last week with us. Oh my gosh, such great friends, we had a wonderful time. Savannah wrote us a note when they left and ended it with ‘and continue to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.'' It struck me. How often do we just say ''Take care'' or ''Have a nice day'', why do we not encourage each other to grow, to tackle struggles together, give to each other, and move each other? It was such an encouragement to me to have her say that. So much love. It means so much to have friends that truly care for the condition of our hearts and souls and who really want us to become more like Christ.

Sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.