The road goes ever on

This morning we find ourselves in the flat and sunny state of Nebraska. We took the eight hour trip through many dark hours, two travelers accompanied by two full cups of tea lattes, of course, (I see no other way). I am completely fond of the stimulation of the mind that happens during drives not too long but long enough to produce stimulation rather than degradation. Yesterday I spent a good few hours reading The Fellowship of the Ring aloud to Adam, which fed our minds exceedingly in the art of creativity, the warmth of good humor, and the necessary edge of moments of fright. Following this I found myself driving barefoot (that’s illegal, right?), at least 5, sometimes even 6! mph over the speedlimit (so edgy), jamming out to Crooked Still, who are basically my heroes, (also stimulating the artistry inside my mind). Once, during this time Adam woke up and said ‘WHAT?!’ Those of you who know Adam personally know that he has a low and big voice and when it’s elevated in volume it rather booms, this is what happened in the dark of the car, suddenly, a booming ‘What?’ I just smiled and looked at him and he said ‘Did you say my name?’ I said, ‘No’, and he said ‘Is the windshield foggy?’ and I said, ‘Mm… no…’ Then he realized that he was foggy from his sleepy state. The man is endless entertainment.