Two weeks ago I ordered a hard drive from Amazon. I’m still amazed by the fact that you can track packages around the world, so I know that it arrived on a Thursday evening or Friday morning (since I’m into that sort of thing).

Our apartment complex has no one to work at our location, so there’s barely ever anyone in the office here. Though, it just so happens that someone was here when my package arrived, and they intercept all packages that won’t fit in mailboxes at the office. Terrific!

I saw early Friday morning that the package had been delivered, so I went to the office three different times throughout the late morning and afternoon only to be met by a locked door. I called a few people at TLC (our property management company) and left a message saying I needed to get the package today.

I heard nothing from them all weekend. Monday morning an innocent sounding woman called me asking if it was important enough that she make a special trip out to unlock the office. I was quite anxious get the drive since I hadn’t yet backed up my new computer, so I said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I SHOULD’VE HAD THIS FRIDAY!” Just kidding. I just said, “Yeah.” So, I got the drive, and immediately started a Time Machine backup that finished later that evening.

The next morning, while on a video-conference-call with my co-workers, I heard a loud pop and all of my screens went black. I sat there in confusion for a bit as I started smelling and seeing smoke come out of the computer.

I took it to an authorized Apple repair center in town and discovered that the logic board had failed, and had it not still been under warranty, it would’ve cost around $730 to replace. Thank the Good Lord.

Also, our car was broken into last night. Kind of a weird week.

So, moral of the story - back up your computers and lock your cars.