My arms, but your poor legs

A hallo to all on this fine and chilly morning, though I say ‘chilly’ I don’t mean it like I would’ve meant it yesterday when it was downright chilly. This morning it is simply chilly, in a nice way, in a way that makes you think ‘Perhaps this winter thing will be a pleasant thing, yes, perhaps we will bear it just fine’.

I am typing to you, O cyberspace world, on my iPhone. Through a series of unforeseen and quite uncalled for events Adam has landed himself in a world of hurt which naturally leads to him having to use my computer for work. It’s quite alright with me, even though this typing with only my thumbs thing is a bit tricky. I’m up for a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I’ve been thinking, and what caused me to think is a quite respectable old book written by J.R.R. Tolkien entitled ‘The Hobbit’; there are fewer more pleasant and enjoyable things in life than a well-written old book of older times yet than the old times it was written in. I would like to live in older times, though I do embrace the time I live in, (even more than I know, I’m sure.) I’m really enjoying this book, it amuses me. I quite recommend it to those not having yet tasted of its goodness.

I have often said in the past 7 years or so as I’ve seen more of life and people and selfishness and struggles that we all have our own mountains. When I was growing up (in body, I am and will always be growing up in other ways) I often thought there were these folks that had such personalities and abilities that life was rather easy and carefree for them, they had the ideal life. I was not a part of these folks, therefore I felt quite sorry for myself that I had such burdens to carry. I realize now that this is really not the case at all and no matter how naturally pleasant to look at, or naturally darn talented, or charismatic of personality people are, everyone has a mountain to climb, and a burden to carry while doing it. This has always been a great comfort to me and mellowing out, you could say, of my idealizing certain people above myself.

I was reading in The Hobbit and came across this situation that created a great picture in my mind for this realization of mine in life. The dwarves have been forced up into the very tops of trees, being hounded by evil wolves and goblins, with fire beneath them and no escape. Suddenly they are rescued by kindly eagles and are being whisked away, hanging on for dear life.

"Soon the light of the burning was faint below, a red twinkle on the black floor; and they were high up in the sky, rising all the time in strong sweeping circles. Bilbo never forgot that flight, clinging onto Dori’s ankles. He moaned ‘my arms, my arms!’ but Dori groaned ‘my poor legs, my poor legs!’"

I think it is most important to remember that we’re all hanging on for dear life, and we all have limbs that hurt, which leads to another quote,

"If it wasn’t this, it’d be something else."

We should all give ourselves and each other a break and be humble of heart and wise in understanding.

My arms, but your poor legs.