Autumnal morning musings

My mind is full of music and memories this morning; so many memories of music and music of memories in there. Sometimes it seems like there’s a whole other world inside my mind and I could spend hours, or possibly days, simply remembering.

I have several songs I wrote but never recorded and it’s always been on my list of things to do to complete that. There are probably only a handful of people who would ever care to hear them but there’s something about them that I have to set out and listen to. Patty Griffin once referred to her songs as her little babies and how hard it is to send them off into the world. I think about that a lot. Songs (and any form of art) are such a part of yourself, sometimes it’s terribly terrifying to put them in unsafe hands.

I’ve started taking my coffee black. I’ve always been a cream sort of girl. I love dairy, but recently I’ve started wanting things without being smothered in cheese, or laced with cream. I’m endeavoring to be a taste connoisseur. I tried to be a cheese connoisseur a few months ago but that got expensive, so I broadened my range of interest. I’ve talked about this a lot lately: it’s hard for me to be picky about food. It has been instilled in me all my life to eat whatever was served me, and I assure you, I still will for courtesy’s sake, however, I think there’s something organic about eating something because of taste and not eating things because of distaste. Of course, I do not and should not eat something simply because it tastes good. That could get me into a lot of trouble, also, obesity. Nutrition must be factored in, always. Kids, remember that.

We have our second volleyball game tonight. I’m super stoked. We won our first one, which seems pretty impressive, but half the teams won their first games. So really, we’re not even part of a minority yet. We’re having lots of fun though.

Also, it’s getting chilly out. I’m enjoying it! The yellow trees in the backyard are such a charm on these somber mornings. They are not somber to me, though I’m always interested in the dismal characters. They have secrets.