The moment when everything goes wrong

A couple of days ago I was making these awesome pizzas that are awesome. They require a bit of maneuvering after you get them in the oven so they’re a little tricky and the oven is up to 500˚ which always makes me nervous. Basically it’s just all hot and tricky up in there. Well, normally I would have Adam do this part because he’s not of such a nervous nature as I am about dangerous things but he was working so I was trying to do it myself and (oh geez) I got this pizza hanging off the front of the pizza stone and Adam and Ben (almost bro-in-law) were standing just a few feet away so, seeing the horrific situation that was developing I said ‘Help.’ and they came and I can’t even remember what they did, it was such a blur. The pizza ended up completely upside down in the crack of the oven door. Worst case scenario? Perhaps worst just short of someone burning their fingertips off. What do you do with this? We tried to clean it up the best we could, however, what can you do with melted cheese and alfredo sauce and tomatoes and an oven that’s as hot as a flame burning on the sands of the Mojave desert? It was Audra’s pizza, poor girl, yet Ben can pretty much salvage anything, he’s one of those, so it actually looked really edible afterwards. Our oven, however, was in dire need of cleaning. I tried the auto clean for a while but it was making me so nervous (I didn’t want to burn the apartment complex down… that would be on my head for eternity. Though, Adam has educated me in the construction of the oven since and I now realize that’s completely irrational.) I ended up canceling it and scrubbing on my knees for about an hour yesterday morning. It looks pretty good now. I forgot to mention that in the beginning of the midst of all of this my Pampered Chef pizza stone cracked into 4 pieces. In a really cool pattern, too, which I found to be extremely interesting. The most interesting part, however, is definitely that it broke at all. I thought those things were supposed to withstand basically anything except soap. They better give me my money back or at least write me a nice letter of apology.

In other news; I baked some pitas yesterday which were so amazing. I want to share them with everyone I know. That could take a lot of time though, and so many people are gluten free these days.

Speaking of time… All of our clocks are wrong. So I should work on that.