Home, here

We’re back from spending almost the entirety of September traveling. We have seen so many dear people who are normally so far we had to make them near. I feel warm inside (although my feet are chilly) and officially ready to settle in for fall. Although, we’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle of my sister’s wedding, so maybe in a couple of weeks we can do some settling.

It’s so lovely to be home. I woke up in the night and was so confused as to where I was, that’s how much I haven’t been home as of late. I also thought I’d lost some of my eyesight. Turns out it was just dark in the room. Our future brother-in-law, Ben, housesat for us while we were gone last week and we came home to such a clean apartment. Oh my soul, the man can clean like no other! However, sadly, as soon as we walked in the door it was messy everywhere. Thus, my project for the day. Also, grocery shopping. All we have is condiments and fresh farm eggs from Mom and Pop Jahnke.

That can’t get us much further than three meals.