I'm a painter

Most asked post-marriage question is:

'So what do you do now?'

(You can never be busy enough for the general public. It’s what validates us in this world, and it’s our way of feeling important. I’m not particularly fond of this general feeling.)

Well, I’m a painter. Little did the world know. Of course I’m an amateur! But who really cares about that sort of thing these days?

I’ve been painting a lot recently because I’m selling some of my paintings at the Barn Festival in Hastings, Nebraska this month. The owners are such dear friends of mine, and happen to be the medium through which my existence became known to Adam Jahnke, so that’s pretty important. When we Franz had a band we used to do concerts out there and spent a great deal of time helping out behind the scenes as well. Now I’m selling my paintings. I’m pretty stoked about it. Naturally, I’m an amateur!

If you’re in the near vicinity and like the crafted things of life, you should absolutely check it out. It is so much fun and full of treats. Also, you might see Adam and I there as we will be visiting Nebraska during that time.

Here are the few nuggets that I painted. Look.