Road trips

Two things happened today that made me laugh hard, so I want the whole world to know them.

Livi and I picked up bagels from Panera to eat for breakfast. It’s hard to drive stick and eat a cream cheese filled cinnamon crunch bagel, so at one point I had Livi do the shifting so I could have an extra hand. I know, dangerous, right? Well comforting or not, we’re actually pretty stellar at doing that. Lots of practice. Anyway, she decided to show off a bit and display to me how fast she could shift from the passenger seat. That resulted in her blasting the bagel out of my hand with her elbow between 3rd and 4th gear and us somehow living through the laughter to tell the tale.

We decided we wanted to snack on some sunflower seeds. Nice and summery. Livi took some first, and just as I was about to crack into a few myself, she says, “The outside part is really hard to chew.” To which I replied, “You know you spit that part out, right?” Then, moments of awkward silence followed by my own uncontrollable laughter.

I pecked this whole story out on my iPhone and now my hands hurt. Goodnight.