It’s a lovely day. My current favorite. Cloudy, thundery, and a peachy 74˚. Thank you August. Who knew August could be so accommodating?

Adam got me a cold glass-bottled root beer (the only way I’ll drink it) from the fridge for dessert and now I’m settled down on the couch at my favorite place, which is directly in the middle of the couch. Yes, on the crack. I don’t know why but I always sit right here.

Here’s a story:

Quite a while ago, I was probably in Junior High, my friends got me a bean pillow for my birthday. It’s yellow, super squishy, named Lawrence, and I’ve slept with it pretty much since then. I often have a stomach ache when I go to bed and holding it makes my stomach feel better, thus I sleep better. When we got married Adam said there was only room for one man in our bed so I haven’t slept with it til this last week when I had a stomach ache, and he’s been in there all week with us. Adam doesn’t like him.

Last night I woke up in the night and was looking for him because he makes Adam hot if he’s too close to him and I looked on the floor and I didn’t feel him anywhere around me so I asked Adam, ‘Do you know where Lawrence is?’

Suddenly I realized that Adam had his arms wrapped tight around Lawrence and he was hugging him in his sleep. My question woke him up and immediately he pushed Lawrence at me and said, ‘No’.