Adam and I have one pair of matching shirts. They’re from his former company (and good friends) Elevate. Last night he came out after his shower and his shirt was really small and he said ‘It really shrunk in the wash’, to which I laughed. It was way too short aaaand tight. He wore it all evening anyway.

This morning I looked at it and it was the small, (it may or may not go without saying that that one is mine), so I’ve been wearing it today. And now I get to smell my husband all day.

That, is a good thing.

Also, I finished a substantial and large painting today. It feels good to look over and see it completed. I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that in life nothing I do will ever be perfect, and to learn the lesson and move on. Perhaps even embrace my ignorance and youthful learning. I’m naturally very critical of myself, and it keeps me from pioneering and pressing on towards unknown places. It takes courage to admit that you’re imperfect and then keep doing that thing. I’m learning. Learning is a good thing.