Where I grew up, mostly

This past weekend was awesome. My sister, Audra, and her fiancé, Ben, came down to the Ozarks for her birthday weekend. We all crashed at Mom & Dad’s for a couple of nights. It was pretty crazy to be back at the homestead, to sleep in my old bedroom. It’s all so much the same and yet so different. Ben mentioned it feels strange to be back and to be different.

We’ve recently gone through a huge life change. We watched a video of a concert we did in March and another one of when we performed on the Christian Music Awards last October. It’s so strange to watch us and the things we used to do. The only thing we really ever did, and to not be that person anymore. We’ve all been going through something of an identity crisis, trying to figure out who we are now. God is teaching us a lot about trusting Him and learning ambition for new things.

We played loads of volleyball, which we all love and haven’t gotten to play much lately. Life’s been crazy, suddenly being spread apart in couples. My family used to be a ready volleyball team traveling around the country, playing music just so we could play volleyball. Kidding, but I’m serious. A few years ago we would play volleyball after lunch every day (that we were home), we got so tanned that summer. It’s so bloody hot here right now. It feels good to sweat. Thankfully we all married (and are getting married to) ballers and we have a blast together.

Adam and I live in the city now, in an apartment complex that’s just so average. Everything is plain and simple, and when we go to the country (especially to my parents’) the one thing that keeps tapping me on the shoulder, and jumping out from every crevice is pretty.

Everything is pretty.

I miss the country. We want to live in the hillside one day in a home we can make our own. I have so many ideas. I love our little lofty apartment but I’m so looking forward to a home.

My momma’s a seamstress.

This is my late grandpa’s clock.

Wedding leftovers.

This little guy is going through a lot.

It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend with many long talks with growing and active minds. I loved it. There are so many tender feelings between us all.