Adam and I got home last night from a nomadic journey westward where we participated in too many hours sitting in a car, too many coffee stops in one day, and too many hours running after a frisbee. However, apart from that we had a really awesome time with some amazing people of our acquaintance. God has blessed us a vast deal with people who have great character, ambition and stories to surround us in this earthly stay.

We spent this past weekend with my brother and his family in Kansas. Well, that’s who we used to visit when we went there, I suppose the group has grown a lot. Recently my sister and her fiancé and my old friends John and Christine moved to their town. It’s really quite a hub of close ties and lots of love. We left feeling refreshed and humbled to be loved by such amazing people.

We played a whole sackful of frisbee this weekend. Yes, we sat in a car for 4 days in a row and then we played frisbee for 3 days. Not literally, but pretty much. My quads are so sore that when I bend my leg to sit on it (yeah, that doesn’t sound like anything I should be doing anyway) I’m afraid my muscles will break. I’m going to be spending some time praying and stretching here in a bit.

We have no groceries. I hate spending money on food. It is the least rewarding expenditure of income. I try to avoid it, even though I like cooking, and before we left on our trip we completely cleaned out our fridge. It has 2 tortillas and some jelly in it. Poor Adam. He really needs so many more energy sources than that. Oh, but my sister gave us some grapes before we left yesterday, so we’re all good.

I slept so late this morning. My body was super worn out. Adam got up to work and I really thought I was getting up with him and the next thing I knew I was sprawled across the bed holding his pillow and slumbering once again. It’s a weird world.

I have things to do; like, the laundry. Also, I’m on a decision-making committee board with Adam and I need to go make some decisions. It’s almost like we’re real adults now.