Sometimes you wonder..

I love making playlists. Well, firstly, I love making things for people, so making something for someone that includes some of my very favorite things, music, lyrics, rhythms and stories, it’s a recipe for pure enjoyment and excitement. I made Adam a lot of playlists while we were friends/dating/engaged. He lived 500 miles away from my home and I was generally 1,000 miles away from there, so I had to keep him up-to-date on what was really going on. Music. I grew up listening to bluegrass music. Bluegrass, bluegrass, bluegrass. We ventured farther and farther away from bluegrass as we traveled through high school and then college(age), (who goes to college?) and I love music on so many different levels now, but bluegrass brings me back to my roots, it’s so dear to me, and it strums my heart strings. So I try to incorporate bluegrass in all my playlists, just because I’m multicolored like that, but I made this one playlist for him of strictly bluegrass story songs. Bluegrass is known for telling stories; sad, tragic, heart-wrenching stories. And I love it! I used to be mostly obsessed with sad songs and I wouldn’t even like the happy ones, (I had a melancholy phase, due to my largely populated melancholy family), I’ve opened up some other doors and windows since then, but sad songs are so deep. Happy songs are fun, and sometimes they’re just what you need to move you to another plane and perhaps cause your soul to dance, but sad songs reach out of their solemnity and beg you to feel with them. Happy songs don’t need you, they’re doing pretty good on their own, but sad songs beg for an attentive audience.

Speaking of attentive audiences, Adam and I had a very interesting conversation in the middle of the night. My brain is crazy in the middle of the night, (it’s no secret, ask pretty much everyone who knows my sister Audra, she loves to tell the stories) however, I’ve just recently discovered… so is Adam’s! Last night I was sleeping soundly and suddenly Adam moved really fast and it woke me up and I looked at him and he seemed to be lunging over the side of the bed, so I asked,

'Did you just throw up?' (really sleepy)

Adam: ‘No.’

Me: ‘What were you just doing?’

Adam: ‘My arm fell asleep and it felt really weird.’

Me: ‘Oh.’ Surprisingly coherent. ‘That makes sense, I couldn’t figure out what you were doing.’

Adam: ‘I don’t know… You know how people are just on the edge of their seats? That’s how they are with this trade-in thing.’

Long pause.

Adam normally talks about stocks and work and stuff I don’t, at first, understand, so I waited for him to finish his thought because I thought he was talking about the job he’s doing.

Me: ‘Is that it?’

Adam: ‘Yeah.’

Me: ‘Are you awake?’

Adam: ‘Yeah!’ Lots of sighing.

Me: ’ What in the world are you talking about?’ Starting to laugh, at which point Adam showed obvious frustration at my lack of understanding and merriment. ‘I’m sorry, what are you talking about?’

Adam: ‘I could just hear people walking around. I don’t know. It wasn’t normal walking around.’

Oh my soul!!

I sat there for a long time giggling to myself, he was just so precious because he normally makes so much sense. An unbelievable amount of sense. I reached over to give him a hug because he was just so sleepy and he said,

'I'm really hot.' Which he was, I noticed, he was sweating. I set back and thought for a second, and then, because I'm afraid of the dark, I started thinking about if he really had heard someone walking around, and what he meant.

Me: ‘Adam?’

Adam: still so much sleep in his voice, ‘Yeah?’

Me: ‘Where did you hear people walking around at?’

Adam: ‘I just heard people walking and opening drawers and stuff..’

Me: ‘Oh ok, so it wasn’t in here?’

Adam: Trying really hard to sound awake and intelligent because by now, after all my laughter, he knew he’d said something silly, ‘Yeah… Our neighbors to the… West… Yeah, the west.’ Clearly showing his Nebraska roots.

Me: uhhhhh… ‘Ok. I’ll let you go back to sleep.’

Living with people is just so interesting! I know some people like being alone, and depending on who your options are to live with, solitary living might be the better option, but living with someone else creates so many fun stories! For instance, during breakfast this morning Adam was making coffee and while folding up the coffee bag it broke in the bottom and what he described as a jet stream of coffee came flying out the bottom, all over the kitchen and his arm, which was obviously really hilarious to him, til he realized that you have to clean up messes after you make them. But we have a vacuum, so.. lickety-split.

Also, our microwave is broken, has been for a while and we’ve been on the maintenance guy’s list for a week now and he still hasn’t shown up, no word on what the plan is, however, a delivery man brought us a new microwave yesterday. Just came banging up the three flights of stairs and set it in our dining room. Thank you world. Now we have two microwaves, and we can’t use either of them. Belgian bummer.