I love to take pictures and since I recently have acquired an iPhone, I take a bunch of Instagram’s. It’s like polaroids (which I love) but so much cheaper. So much cheaper it’s free. This is our life lately in Instagram.

I’ve picked up painting again.

We went to the park and played frisbee (we do that a lot lately) and our dear, dear friend Christine threw the frisbee into the poison ivy laden woods. Adam got creative, and then they got gangstuh.

Breakfast at the Tea Bar on Pickwick with my friends Alex and Christine.

I made four pies for my brother Caleb’s wedding earlier this month.

We eat a lot of fruit. This week our Gala apples were germinating. I don’t know why.

Adam created himself a standing desk using a bunch of books and boxes. Creativity should never be stifled. Remember that, kids.

I was in a commercial my talented friend Alex made and she made a puzzle out of my face. A 768 piece puzzle, and now she knows more about my face than anyone else on the planet.

This is the sunset on our way home from dropping Emmett off at the airport. We were feeling rather sentimental so Adam pulled over the car and we watched it rest over the Missouri fields.

We had lunch at a sweet new place in downtown called Aviary Cafe and Créperie. It was adorable.

I’ve recently been rather caught up in classical music. This is my fiddle and page 2 of ‘Handel’s Hornpipe’, which haunted me in my dreams last May.

We went on a walk through a wooded trail last night. It was beautiful.