Mondays were always weird

Monday. A new week’s all laid out before us.

Adventure’s out there!

And it already found us. I set off the smoke alarm during breakfast this morning. Nothing that bad had even happened! Suddenly I was just alarming everyone and Adam was rushing around pushing buttons. I bet our neighbors were mad. They’re probably always mad at me. I play soundtracks too loud and I dry our clothes at 10 o’clock at night and I play fiddle, which everyone knows is really loud. No one’s filed an official complaint yet though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.. except when I play fiddle.

We have filed an official complaint for our broken appliances. First, our dishwasher has never really worked. I mean, it did once, randomly, but it was one of those things that was so random, you’re not quite sure anymore if it really did happen or not. We finally told our Apartment Manager, Su Lyn, (who, strangely, isn’t Oriental at all) and then the day after we told her about that our microwave stopped working. That was 5 days ago or something but the maintenance guy hasn’t come, which I think is really odd because he’s supposed to be 24 hr emergency working kind of guy. That’s what they told us.

We have a nice apartment. We really do. And it’s not the really important appliances, it’s the secondary ones. You can wash dishes by hand (and trust me, I have) and you can heat up things on a stove. Just not popcorn, but popcorn’s not really good for us, and we got that for Emmett anyways, and he won’t be back until the fall.

I was going to write a blog about that. I wrote blogs about a great many things… I just never typed them out. You see, I have this very active and communicative mind and I will write things in my head so thoroughly that I’ll forget that I didn’t actually do it in actuality. It’s a problem, which I’ve discovered I’ve had for years, maybe my whole life. My mom found an old diary of mine that I kept in between my mattress and footboard of my old bed and she gave it to me last week. Unfortunately it was when my brother Emmett was over and he broke into it and discovered all sorts of gold mines of entertainment in there. Things that should never, never be repeated. Back to the point, I discovered while rediscovering this diary that I had a huge problem of skipping multiple words in a sentence. My Grandma Franz would always tell me that her mom, Grandma Dick, (who was a real immigrant!) would skip many words in a sentence because her mind worked so fast that she’d already written it down and moved on. I think I inherited this dilemma. I’m probably doing it right now!!

I subscribe to all these blogs of people who are so incredibly dedicated to blogging and documenting every single thing they do, and they do many things! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just people who sat on their computer all day and fictionized their lives, but no! They do all sorts of stuff every day and then somehow find time to blog about it 4 times a day! With pictures! It is so crazy! I do these things in my head, yes, but that’s entirely less time-consuming.

I was going to do a blog about my brother Emmett moving away to L.A. for the summer, and I was going to write a blog with pictures of my dad for Father’s day. I just didn’t, you know? Maybe I can find time right now, and you all can pretend I was diligently documenting my life.

I had two different sets of friends of mine get married on Saturday. I was just looking at pictures of them as brides and grooms. They are so fine! It just makes me want to see them. It’s so frustrating, you know, when you enjoy so many people and they’re all so far away.