Emmett's summer trip to Cali

I’m the youngest of five children. Three of my siblings are brothers, Emmett is my youngest brother, the closest sibling to me in age. When we were kids we couldn’t stand each other.

Now Emmett’s one of my best friends. One time when we were still young he got in a terrible sledding accident and broke a lot of his bones and it changed a lot of things for us. Almost dying just kind of does that to your surrounding world.

Well, he’s sick talented. And by sick I mean his talent is really, really healthy. He’s been really talented since we were kids, he was made to make music. He’s worked hard at developing his skillz though, that’s when your talent goes ‘Ahaw!’, and really comes out to play. So basically, he’s one of my heroes, and he just had the opportunity to go hang out and learn from some other really talented and skilled musicians in L.A. for the summer. It’s pretty rad. We’re so excited to see what he does in the future.

Last Wednesday night he flew out to Cali and Adam and I got to spend his last Ozarks day with him, which basically consisted of playing frisbee in the park, sipping back on some S’bux frappes, saying goodbyes to our one friend in Springfield, and watching nothing-to-write-home-about movies on Netflix. Emmett’s not emotional, so we didn’t tell him, but it was pretty sad to watch him go. Not only is he one of my best friends but he’s one of Adam’s as well. Stellar guy. You should meet him sometime.

Typed to the sound of Edgar Meyer and Béla Fleck kickin’ butt on Music for Two.