Dad Day

I have a really cool dad. I’m serious! His name is Randy. He grew up on a farm, and somehow grew us up on the stage. It’s crazy how God moves through our lives and makes something so surprising and interesting out of us. My dad is really strong. He’s taught us a lot about life, including but not limited to the following: how to work your tail off, how to be kind always, how you can throw yourself at God and He’ll take care of you, how to treat people with respect, and how to bend over backwards to make people feel appreciated.

I have many memories of my dad like this. Playing guitar and smiling.

One summer we spent the entire summer pouring the cement floor for our garage. It was bloody torture. We hated it. Because it was 100˚ and cement is stupid. However, this is pretty much how my dad looked all summer long, it cracked me up. Shirtless, jeaned and rubber-booted.

These are my parents and their oldest granddaughter when she was their only granddaughter. As you can see, they’re real good-looking and are keeping themselves really healthy. I love to see their smiles like this.

That’s me and my dad a few summers ago in Wisconsin. We were roasting marshmallows over a little grill pit at a remote cabin by a lake.  I love you Dad.