It has been quite some time since I’ve blogged.

Wedding festivities have come and gone and we are settling into a life of normalcy for the first time in my life, although, as the beloved story of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ reminds us: ‘What is normal?’

Also, ‘What are cows?’, but that’s a little less applicable in this context.

Our wedding was awesome. It kicked butt. We had so much stinkin’ fun. We were surrounded by many people who we love dearly and who love us, and after all the hustle and bustle and the pledging of our lives to each other, we partied hard; which basically means we ate cake, laughed hysterically, danced our hearts out with Christine, Emmett, Maci and Daniel, and enjoyed visiting with family and friends. The food was amazing, thanks to the lovely Maria. The cake was gorgeous and tasted awesome, thanks to my (previous) neighbor, Robyn. The photos are going to be amazing thanks to our friends Parker and Alex. The music took our hearts for a ride, thanks to many dear siblings and so-close-we-could-be-siblings. Everything was so gorgeous and it was all brought to us by people whom we love and cherish, and whose sleeves are stuffed with talent til their torsos look like body-builders. That’s how much talent. So, pretty much awesome.

We went to Venice for our honeymoon, which was quite a surprise to me! Holy boatloads of astonishment! Adam planned our honeymoon as a surprise for me that nearly burst out of him when he was left alone for too long. He told me the day before we left so that I could have a few hours to get excited, which of course I did! He videoed it and posted it on our blog, and I’m sure it really doesn’t need much explanation. Yeah, he pretty much blew my socks off, and we enjoyed some beautiful moments in that beautiful city which still come back to me as I sit in quiet solitude. I can picture walking down the narrow, winding bowl-of-spaghetti alleys of Venice, trying to find a little caffé shop we’d found on our first day, or walking into a church that was 600 years old, full of history, architecture and paintings. Yes, paintings! It was definitely the most beautiful man-made places I’ve ever been to. No surprise there.

We’re ‘settled down’ now, but it doesn’t seem like we’ve settled for too long. We’re always going places and seeing people. It’s fun to go on adventures together. It’s taken me a long time to stop wondering when I have to leave and how much longer we have together, it was so engraved in my mind, but now we just get to be together, it is truly a gift.


I am trying my hand at baking ciabatta bread. I’m not at all sure if I’m doing it right, but we shall see! Baking is one of my favorite things to do and baked goods are some of Adam’s favorite things to eat, of course, thus I am trying my hand at all sorts of things.

I’m currently listening to Alexandre Desplat’s ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ score and he has pretty much summed up all exciting, fantastical, and pretty things.

This morning I started reading C.S. Lewis’ ‘Till We Have Faces’ again. I love C.S. Lewis. He has taught me a great many things, and stretched my mind past comfortability. I truly enjoy his musings. It’s been a long while since I sat down with a book, and even longer since I sat with a book that I didn’t wish to put down!

Duty calls to the North, my boiled eggs need cooling.