The joy, the real joy, and nothing but the joy

So, it’s getting pretty close to the day where I’m getting married. I’ve been thinking about how when such a huge event is coming up in your life you tend to start thinking about only that and life after that ‘big day’ seems to not even exist.

We sort of hype things like weddings up a bit too much for my taste, it’s a little unrealistic. I’m not meaning at all that I’m not excited for my wedding, it’s going to be fantastic. But what really excites me is the life after the party. The wedding is only the beginning - It’s just one day, just a tiny blip on the radar of time. What really excites me is life with my bride.

It makes me so happy knowing that I will have Olivia with me forever. Our culture is so concerned with these horrific, failing marriage statistics, and I have absolute confidence that Olivia fully understands that this is a lasting covenant, a permanent scenario. I love murdering the ‘odds’. We get to do that quite often when we follow God’s plan for things.

From here on out, we’ll spend our lives drawing closer and closer to one another, pushing each other to become better, striving to learn more and more about God, together. That right there is exciting - Living out God’s design for marriage, seeing the parallels between our marriage relationship and His relationship with us. I’m sure there will be challenges and hardships. It would be disappointing if there weren’t! If life were only rosy, we’d never learn, we’d never be pushed. Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

Olivia and I aren’t concerned with putting on the perfect wedding party. It’s only a party. A celebration of what’s beginning. We’re so thankful for everyone taking the time to drive down and celebrate with us. We’re so honored and excited to see everyone.

So, with that in mind, let’s party!