6 days

Today Adam and I went on our last date as an engaged couple. We went to a little Italian restaurant in Eureka Springs called “Ermilio’s”, it’s our favorite restaurant and was also where we went on our first date a couple of years ago. We were so excited and nervous then, even though we were best friends already and knew each other so well. It was both of our first dates. Pretty stinkin’ awesome! We talked for a long time at the table (while we enjoyed my first cappuccino and tiramisu, Adam has gotten to introduce me to many delicacies), til our waitress suggested we get some coffee and sit on the back porch. We readily agreed and talked for a couple of hours out there. I love those memories.

Last night we shared a cappuccino and tiramisu again in memory, and because it’s so incredibly tasty, and then took a walk down the street under a building storm. I love Adam for many reasons, but one of the first things I appreciated about our relationship was how we enjoy the same things. Of course, he’s good at some things that I’m not and knows some things that I don’t, and vice versa, but we have such a bond, we like to look at and partake of many of the same things in life. It’s so lovely to be able to walk through life with him.

Verra soon we’ll be married! Wahoo!