Checking off my list

I love lists.

I love lists because it’s very satisfying to put that nifty little check next to the task and the feeling of completion is really worth the time put into writing out the list.

I just got back from a tour to California. We were gone a week and a half and we got back just over 3 weeks before the wedding and the whole time I was gone my mind was being flooded with things that I needed to do before the wedding, however, I was incapable of actually doing anything about it while I was gone.

The bad thing about lists is if you don’t have the time or ability to complete the tasks it’s very disappointing and can become overwhelmingly disappointing when you look at the daunting uncompleted tasks stacking up.

This happened to me while I was gone. I love the app ‘Things’ because it is so tidy and practical and I can have it on my phone and always know what I should to be doing when I get distracted on my ‘Reeder’ app, (also a sweet perk in life).

I got home two nights ago and I have been checking things off my list like a madman! It is so incredibly fun.

Also, I missed Adam really a whole lot and now, as he sits beside me, filling his head with useful gibberish, (Ruby on Rails), I am filled with joy at not only being able to check things off my list, but because I am so blessed with an awesome man who is my friend/fiancé/companion.