A guy with knives

Tonight my sister Audra and I were sitting in our room and we heard this loud bang coming from the back deck. Our room is on the second story and has a balcony coming out from it which is above the deck below, and it was absolutely coming from there. I had my foot resting against the wall and I felt it shake. It’s all dark out and it’s normally pretty quiet out here, we live in the middle of nowhere. Audra and I looked at each other trying to decipher how serious each other thought that was, and after a couple seconds I knew she thought it was pretty loud too. So I went down the stairs and peeked down to survey the surrounding area, all was dark, and quiet. I thought I’d heard voices at first but then after perusing for a few moments illuminated by the stair light and no one saying anything to me, I knew no one was right there. I came back upstairs and told Audra what I’d found out and she told me to turn on the light to our balcony to see if anyone was there. I told her “Yeah right!”. I do not want to turn the light on to see someone looking at me in the dark, she knows that, we’ve talked about it before, she shouldn’t have even asked. We decided to go get Emmett, my brother, who has some man powers, he was watching a movie in his room but came willingly and once inside our room we told him what had happened and asked him to kinda go check things out with us. He went back into his room and came out with these two massive hunting knives that I didn’t even know he had and then we all went down to track down the uncalled-for ruckus. Emmett, the only one with weapons. He, of course, turned off the stair lights so ‘they won’t see me coming’, and then creeped down the stairs in the dark with two knives, Audra and I following at a discreet distance, because you never know where knives are in the dark. We went over to the deck doors and Emmett turned on the outside light and there was the culprit.. A sizable raccoon peering at us, while eating birdseed with both hands. He must’ve tackled the birdfeeder and brought it to the ground, thus the loud bang. Emmett went and scared him off, which really wasn’t easy to do, he knew he was fat. And we went back to our rooms.

The adventures of living in the backwoods of Arkansas.