Wake up

I’ve been wondering lately if I’m getting old. I can’t sleep long enough anymore. Some nights I haven’t slept really at all. I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of months ago and she was telling me how she has insomnia because she can’t turn off her brain, and I said ‘I don’t have that problem, I sleep.’ And I have thought of that several times recently because almost ever since that evening where I confidently spoke of my ability to slumber I’ve had trouble sleeping. I thought it was because I was on tour and I sleep in a different bed every night and I had a bunch of rounds of sickness, all good explanations right? I think it’s my brain, because now I’m home and experiencing the same thing.

What I keep thinking about that won’t let me sleep this morning is getting my invitations ready for mailing. I have everything ready now, as of yesterday, and now I need to get them in the mail. I also need to do some laundry for Jahnke.

Adam moved into his apartment on Tuesday and we have had so much fun moving our stuff in this week, ‘our stuff’ merely consisted of newly acquired kitchen things from our aunts. We had absolutely no furniture at all on Tuesday and by Tuesday night we already had an awesome bed that we got for a really good deal because people are awesome! Then Thursday and Friday we went antiquing and picked up some huge wooden crates, which will serve as a coffee table and a TV stand, a dining room table and two chairs. All for under $200. How about that folks? It is so much fun to have a place to decorate and design. I am really looking forward to marrying that fellow and living there together.

Today I am a bridesmaid in my dear friend Jennifer’s wedding. She’s getting married at a wooden and stone chapel that overlooks the lake and it is so very beautiful. The weather has been gorgeous too, so unexpected for February, and I am just so excited for her.

That is it for now, my mysterious reader, I have wedding invitations and laundry to attend to.