Hello individual, whoever you may be.

This is my first blog post and I’m very excited about it. Adam, my fiancé, got this site set up for us and I hope it will be home for us for quite some time.

I am currently on tour in Alabama with my band, The Franz Family, who also happens to be my family. A real shocker, I know, considering the name. We’re doing a four-day prison crusade with an organization called We Care. We get to play for the chapel service at different prisons every night. Tonight we were at a women’s prison and it was amazing. They were so enthusiastic; an amazing crowd. I started singing “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand” and they all started singing along, so loudly that none of us could hear anything! It was awesome. It’s beautiful to see how God can work through the most difficult situations in someone’s life, and they can come through with joy on their face.

Tonight we grabbed some dinner at McDonald’s, much to my chagrin, while we were sitting around my dad called my niece and nephew and talked to them on speaker phone. We all took turns talking to Hunter, who’s 3, and Emmett, my brother, told him we ate at McDonald’s and he yelled out to his sister, “Ashlyn!? Did you hear that?! Emmett said they went to McDonald’s today!” He is so classic. He has one volume, which is simply as loud as possible. He has the sweetest heart though, and you would love him. He also loves chicken nuggets.

I am in Alabama, Adam is in Colorado, and we are getting married in two and a half months. It’s getting close and I am so very excited! I miss him.

That’s it for me tonight.

I am now an official blogger.